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Data Processing and Tabulation:

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From Simple Tables To SPSS, WARP or even custom interfaces, we can handle your most complex jobs with ease.

Full Service MR Consulting:

Put some of the smartest minds to work for you!  Whether you’re looking to streamline, implement new technologies or anything else, we can help.

Complex Data Conversions / Reformats:

Can’t get the square peg to fit into the round hole?  We’ll get your data from A to B while you keep your sanity!

Presentation Services:

From simple charting to high-end, broadcast quality video, to “self-presenting” Quicktime® interactive movies, we provide it all.

Software Solutions:

We can help you find the best software to meet your business needs - whether an existing package or custom programmed.

Medical Technology Solutions:

Let us bring your practice into the 21st century and beyond!  We offer simple billing automation to full EMR/EHR and practice management.

Aside from the usual data processing related data conversions, we provide services that can be used by any company looking to convert data from one system to another.  This includes medical/dental facilities, government agencies and anyone looking to get their existing data from A to B without tedious, expensive and error prone hand entry.

We are experts at setting up global layouts for projects that have data from different sources, countries, waves, etc, that need to be converted to one common and coherent format.  This service alone can be the difference between success and failure.

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